Tuesday, February 2, 2010

nomeansno - Wrong (1989)

Talk about nostalgia. 1991, I was a freshman in high school. Some wayward skater kid who liked playing guitar and The Misfits. Learning how to smoke shitty cigarettes my friend would steal from his old man. Then I met this dude, lets call him......Clarence. Clarence was one of the cool kids who played drums in a local punk band. One of those kids who had a badass leather jacket, doc martins, odd hair, piercings and happened to live in my neighborhood. We could go over to Clarences house and smoke weed and cigarettes and what not in peace because his parents were "cool." One day Clarence puts this record on and, I still remember this moment, this beast of a bass guitar sound just slaps my face. Clarence is air-guitaring and drumming away, banging his head around. I'm there probably making a ugly face melting face and grinding my teeth in rock-inspired awe. The first song ends. I ask "Who is this?" He says nothing and throws the record cover at me while the second song starts.

This is definitely one of those records that made me want to seriously play music. Even to this day this album is amazing. Many consider this to be nomeansno's best. I am one of them.

Let us rock!

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