Friday, October 1, 2010

DOUBLE FEATURE - Duo Ouro Negro - "Selections" & "com Sivuca"

Great vocal group from Angola around in the 50's and 60's. Just got turned on these guys this year. Good if you dig Los Zafiros but not always on that Doo-Wop tip. Just lush heavenly vocal harmonies and due to the whole Portugese colonization and African diaspora thing, Brazilian music lovers will easily feel at home with this.


Gayngs - Related (2010)

I usually try not to post current stuff. A.) To much red tape with Web Sheriffs and all that and B.) Most of these releases are already everywhere in the blogosphere and thus not possesing that "buried treasure" mojo to them but I'm making a exception this time for Gayngs. This is some smooth shit. Sexy. Their cover of 10cc spin-off Godley and Creme's "Cry" is awesome as well. If you dig slow jams, have a guilty pleasure for yacht rock or looking for bedroom music, check this out. They've somehow made a soprano sax and fretless bass tolerable in modern music again. And now I hear Prince digs these dudes. I'll say no more.

Get it before I have to remove this link

The Dead Milkmen - Big Lizard in my Backyard (1985)

If there's anything in the world that gives music a run for its money as one of my personal best's it would be comedy. Well, wait a minute. Girls are pretty awesome as well. Eh, music gear is always rad. No wait, my dogs and cats are the best. Where was I?

The Dead Milkmen were there in middle school teaching me two vitals lessons in life. How to make great music and how to be hilarious. Seriously, this is definitely a soundtrack to a chapter in my life and thanks to Fun Fun Fun Fest here in Austin, Tx., I recently saw them live for the first time 20 plus years later. I literally got watery for a couple of classic choruses. Yeah, call me a romantic. Call me a pussy. This was a completion of a huge circle in my life. This made my whole youth flash before my eyes. The most minute details made so much sense. To put it simply, it was a moment of enlightenment.

Oh wait, maybe it was all that LSD I ate.

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