Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Las Raices de la Chicha… La Leyenda Continua - Volumen 1 (2010)

Oh internets, how do I love thee. You bring the whole world together while I just sit on my ass and stare at a monitor. This compilation you see before you was sent to me from the source, my new Peruvian friend Wilmer. To summarize part of the text document in the file as well, "Chicha is more than a musical movement. It is a social movement of the mestizos." This is music of the people. I will no longer consider Lima the capital of Peru. Viva Cusco!



Jo/No said...

Hi there,
just stumbled upon your blog while searching for Peregoyo y su Combo Vacana, and found myself intoxicated by all your other stuff for offer! Have now bookmarked your blog and will be back, thank you!

I occasionally post som latin stuff and other worldy delights myself over at Jo/No's Audio Deligths

Come pay a visit!

For instance I've previously compiled some assorted latin stuff (unortodox use of the term, mind you) here that you might enjoy:

eL stinkeyes said...

Thanks Jo/No. Rad blog yourself as well.