Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nino Rota - "Amarcord" (1973)

One of my favorite movies ever. Federico Fellini recalls and morphs his childhood growing up in Rimini in  the 1930's in Fascist Italy. Amist all of the political chaos, this little town is still full of character and warmth. Sexual. Masculine. Comical. Provocative. All of these elements are wrapped together in a beautiful package by Nino Rota. Rota scored the majority of Fellini's films but he is probably most famous in America for his work with Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather Trilogy".

The main theme of Amarcord appears in various forms. Sometimes playful, sometimes swingin', sometimes heavenly but always brilliantly executed. The finale is a go-to uplifter for myself. Its like seeing all of my loved ones waiting for me at the pearly gates. Who what have thought a descending progression could be so optimistic. And of course, what would a Nino Rota soundtrack be without his circus marching band romps.


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