Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Circle - Katapult (2007)

Circle is usually hard to pin down. Every album these fine Fins produce finds the lads exploring some new, exciting sounds that pre-existed only in their heads at one time. What gets me is that when I first heard this record I thought it was some long lost proto-metal soundtrack-esque gem. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Muddy Waters - After The Rain (1969)

In memoriam of Mr. Pete Cosey. Pete was session guitarist for Chess Records, blazing up R&B albums, before being drafted into Miles Davis' electric band in the early 70's. 

This one here is a pretty gnarly blues record with some serious fuzzy guitar work. Very Hendrix like guitar voicings, meaning non-guitar guitar noises, and at same time very individualistic because even though this is 1969, he's been doing this before Jimi Hendrix started his solo career.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

eXCLUSIVE - eL Stinkeyes - Brown Acid Mix Vol. 3 - "eL verAnO sUdOrOsO" (2012)

You might have been wondering where I've been these past months. I've been wondering what this giraffe/donkey baby is gonna look like. Fair enough?


Well, how about this? Heavy start on the chicha into psychedelic latin heat, and some good old fashioned latino beat mix. Forgive me if I'm lacking certain information about these artist. These hard drives and stuffed to the nines with files that shuffled around.


1.) Los Mirlos - El Tingotero 
2.) Popi y Su Piranas - Lamento
3.) Los Pakines - Crema de Cerezas
4.) Los Destellos - La Aranita
5.) Los Mirlos - Cumbia y Guitarra
6.) Grupo Impacto - La Farra
7.) Los Mirlos - Lamento En La Selva
8.) Afrosound - Platico Chino Chino
9.) Los Destellos - Azuquito (Great cover of "It Hurts To Say Goodbye.")
10.) Manzanita y Su Conjunto - Asi Asi Asi
11.) Eusebio y Su Banjo - Psicosis
12.) El Timba - Descarga Bontempi
13.) Los Chikicaka - Musica Mulata
14.) Los Comandos - Mas de Ti
15.) Los Belkings - Sinfonia Para Una Manana
16.) Los Pasteles Verdes - Angelito Negros
17.) Los Saicos - Come On
18.) Los Apson - Dime Por Que
19.) Leo Dan - Yo Se Que No Es Feliz