Sunday, February 28, 2010

Los Belkings - (I really have no idea what the name of this record is.)

In September 2001, a young eL Stinkeyes applied for his Egyptian Visa. I saved up all my monies, planning on checking out the pyramids and temples, go swimming in the Red Sea, you know the whole "Egypt thing." A couple of days later I wake up to a phone call. It's my mother. She sounds really upset and she asking me if I'm okay. "Of course." I say half asleep. "What do you mean?" "You don't know? Terrorist flew a plane into the World Trade Center and it's on fire." This is just too surreal and I'm still half asleep and I finally convince my mother that there are no terrorist at my front door and hop on my bike to ride down the street to my friends house who has a TV. I didn't have one at the time. This is not a "where were you the day..?" story so I'll fast forward through the carnage and brimstone and get to the part where I got back home later and checked my mail and aside from the normal mail, I received my Egyptian visa. The following week my mother called me daily, begging me not to the Middle East. Me being young and carefree thought nothing of it but through numerous guilt laden trips I finally agreed to not go to Egypt. All for my mother. So my obvious plan B was to go to Peru and see Machu Pichu. Eventually I wound at a seaside town called Trujillo where I got the most awful food poisoning ever. The worst pain ever felt in my entire life. Having said that, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Trujillo's surf rock gods, Los Belkings.



andrew said...

Is Guilt, Bin's brother?? As in, 'Guilt Laden'??

icastico said...

From my wife's family's home...gracias.

J├╝rgen Sch. T. said...

Hello, I am from Trujillo.
I am sorry for your being poisoned back in 2001. But now, there is some more serious stuff going on in this city.
I just wanted to say that Los Belking's, one of the best Surf Rock bands of the world, is not from Trujillo. They are from Lima, which is Peru's capital.
Auf Wiedersehen.

eL stinkeyes said...

standing corrected. thank you jurgen. damn you wikipedia