Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bo Diddley - "Bo Diddley is a Gunslinger" (1960)"

Bo Diddley, "The Originator" as many called him, is responsible for assisting in the fusion on blues and rock n' roll. His self-invented legacy manifested itself into a reality where he changed music culture forever. Ed Sullivan cursed Bo calling him "one of the first colored boys to ever double-cross him" and stating he "wouldn't last six months"......stupid gringo. One of the only guitar players to a have a drum beat named after him. A man that named many of his works after himself. This being the case, you can say he influenced hip hop as well with his self-revelry. Plus you cant deny that he's rapping on "Who Do You Love", no matter how primitive it may sound by today's lyrical standards. He released over thirty albums and in short, he's "The Shit."


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