Wednesday, February 10, 2010

eXCLUSIVE - eL Stinkeyes - Brown Acid Mix Vol 2. - "Vamos ala Go-Go Mix" (2010)

Oh the road of crate digging, analog or digital, it can be rough most of the time and the rewards are few. Listening to hours of middle of the road music just to find that one gem. Culling through the dregs of music history. Its kinda like cleaning up somebody's house after they passed away and going through a bunch of bullshit. 90% of everything winds up in the garbage while you go home with a lamp or something. Well guess what? Who passed away? Psyche rock (R.I.P.) and here is the lamp I'm bringing home to you that's gonna shed some light on the Latin American psyche scene in the 60's.

Now I must admit I'm more of a fan of the gear than the music of the 60's. I like the sound of the recordings more so the sound of the music itself. No, I dont want to hear "Satisfaction" or "Day Tripper" covered in Spanish. No, I dont care if your wearing Syd Barrett's dirty underwear dipped in LSD. Just be a young Latino and give me a hook goddamnit!


1. Pina y sus Estrellas - Los Extranos
2. Los Flippers - Flipprotesta
3. Los Gatos - Que Piensas de Mi
4. Sandro y Los de Fuego - Peggy Peggy
5. Los Speakers - Borracho
6. Los 4 de la Torre -  Vuelo 502
7. Los Gatos Salvajes - Donde Vas
8. Las Quatro Monedas - Caminando por la Calle
9. Los Gatos - La Balsa
10. La Joven Guardia - Me Siento Solo
11. Los Mentales - La Calla Principal
12. Los York's - Abrazame Baby
13. Los Speakers - Mr. Spaceman
14. Sandro y Los de Fuego - Pintados por Dios
15. Los Monstruos - Hey Monstruo
16. Jeanette - Porque Te Vas
17. Los Saicos - Ana
18. Los Destellos - Guajira Sicodelica


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alex said...

yo! this is dope! i just copped a mean 45, a cover of an Eddie Bo track by a Colombian cumbia group, I think you'd dig it. Keep up the good stuff here hermano!