Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scott Walker "Scott 3" (1969)

Noel Scott Engel A.K.A. Scott Walker achieved teen idol status with The Walker Brothers in mid 1960's.  Tired of the symphonic pop ballads of the group, Scott Walker broke away and began his solo career. With each solo record his compositions simultaneously delved more into classical western music and reached out towards experimental dissonances and drones. All while Scott's heavenly barritone croons overhead. "It's Raining Today" is a perfect example. Beginning with eerie screeching string trills, that recalls one of the many horror movies I've seen in my lifetime, and then shortly followed by the band with fragile guitars, chimes and a gentle brush-worked drum beat. Scott Walker is an artist in the purest form: Always progressing forward, sometimes ahead of his times and never looking back.


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Roo Gatsby said...

this is Scott Walker's masterpiece, i'm convinced. i've listened to just about everything that man has recorded, up until "Drift" (which is superb), & if someone i know hasn't heard Scott before, i always introduce them to this album. particularly "Copenhagen" & "If you go away" ...........those two songs make me feel simultaneously ecstatic and suicidal. great feeling...

also check out Nite Flights by the Walker Brothers