Monday, January 25, 2010

Luiz Bonfa -Luiz Bonfa's Brazilian Guitar [1957]

Luiz Bonfa is the man. When this guy started recording his own compositions in Brazil in the 1950's, most people thought he was overdubbing multiple tracks of guitar. As his popularity rose he started performing to larger audiences and debunked all naysayers with his technical prowess. This album is such a fine example of that. Bonfa became most famous for his work with French film director Marcel Camus' legendary film, Black Orpheus.



Anonymous said...

My parents had this record and I loved it. They 'got rid of it' when CD's took over, and broke my heart! As a small child, it convinced me that guitar was the instrument I wanted to play.

Thank you! You're the first person I have come across who knows and appreciates Mr. Bonfa

OBHS_DNA said...

Unsure if my first comment went thru, so let me thank you not just for posting some very good albums, but also for your insightful comments. Keep on dancing!