Monday, June 14, 2010

Julio Jaramillo - Pasillos para el Mundo (circa 1950's-1960's)

One time during one of my Mexico explorations, I was on the beach in Oaxaca. It was mother's day. I was hanging out in the shade at the cabana I was renting, surrounded by a bunch of little old Mexican women. All of the men were running around cooking, working, serving, etc. The ladies just sat back and relaxed enjoying their day, retelling stories of their youth and the soundtrack for the day was endless cassettes of this man.

Julio Jaramillo is to Ecuador as Frank Sinatra is to New Jersey. King of the pasillos and boleros with a birthday as a national holiday. He leaves behind at least 20 legitimate and illegitimate children. If I was in Latin America in the 50's with a talent like this, I would be getting mad trim as well.

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