Sunday, November 4, 2012

eXCLUSIVE - eL Stinkeyes - BrOwn AcId mIx vOL. 4 - "lA hiStOriA dE AmOr" (2012)

The art of the Latin American ballads and boleros is almost unrivaled in its strength and emotion. These are just "awful" songs of love and longing. To me the irony comes from the fact that in the land of "Machismo" there are these boys cranking out the most pussy whipped music to exist. I mean, talk about your ultimate break up mix tape you listened to in high school. This newest Brown Acid installation highlights on those vintage psychedelic sounds of said boleros and ballads and also some slow jams as well. Reverberated vocals, twangy guitar licks, warm farfisas, phantom fuzzes, and some strut-worthy basslines.

Now take your left hand and hold your heart and with your right hand clench the air in front of your face. Then proceed to shake that right fist to the lyrics.

1.) Rodolfo - Como Deseo Ser Tu Amor
2.) Ana y Jaime - A Veces Quisiera Ser Ciego
3.) Os Brasas - Beija Mi Agora 
4.) Freddy Fender - Como un Errante
5.) Los Angeles Negros - Como Quisiera Decirte
6.) Los Pasteles Verdes - No Te Das Quenta
7.) Sandro - Dame
8.) Ana y Jaime - Historia de Amor
9.) Rodolfo - Te Quiero y Que
10.) Los Angeles Negros - Murio La Flor
11.) Os Brasas - Meu Eterno Amor
12.) Rodolfo - Buscando Amor
13.) Sandro - Palabras Viejas
14.) Los Angeles Negros - Amor Por Ti
15.) Rodolfo - Incertidumbre
16.) Ana y Jaime - Cafe y Petroleo
17.) Sandro - Trigal
18.) Chico Buarque & Ennio Morricone - Lei no, Lei Sta Ballando
19.) Freddy Fender - Desde Que Conosco
20.) Los Apsons - Dime Por Que

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