Monday, May 30, 2011

Meet Rodolfo - Compiled by eL Stinkeyes

Kids, meet Senor Rodolfo Aicardi. He's a Columbian singer known for his ballads and boleros but also his versatility as well. I got hip to this guy by my old buddy over at Level One Studios.

I was asleep in a van and woke up to this old echoing twangy guitar (dig!) on top of a smooth bolero beat (dig!) and then enters Rodolfo's undeniable voice saturated in some vintage third world reverb. Someone give that man a trophy. 

I mean, come on! The guy sits around pictures of himself and plays guitar.

Down below is a compilation hand-picked by yours truly that tries to stay true to his weird fuzzy, psychedelic, hazy ballad period, which by the way was never really accepted in Columbia. 

Disco Fuentes owns his catalog.

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