Friday, October 1, 2010

The Dead Milkmen - Big Lizard in my Backyard (1985)

If there's anything in the world that gives music a run for its money as one of my personal best's it would be comedy. Well, wait a minute. Girls are pretty awesome as well. Eh, music gear is always rad. No wait, my dogs and cats are the best. Where was I?

The Dead Milkmen were there in middle school teaching me two vitals lessons in life. How to make great music and how to be hilarious. Seriously, this is definitely a soundtrack to a chapter in my life and thanks to Fun Fun Fun Fest here in Austin, Tx., I recently saw them live for the first time 20 plus years later. I literally got watery for a couple of classic choruses. Yeah, call me a romantic. Call me a pussy. This was a completion of a huge circle in my life. This made my whole youth flash before my eyes. The most minute details made so much sense. To put it simply, it was a moment of enlightenment.

Oh wait, maybe it was all that LSD I ate.

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About said...

dude..this was a huge chapter in my life...i know this album word by word by heart

Adrian Quesada said...

btw, "About" is me...didnt realize that was my username