Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mike Patton's Mondo Cane - Live @ Teatro Rossini, Lugo, Italia 5/24/2007

Let's be frank. I grew up on Faith No More and Mr. Bungle but eventually Mike Patton became just annoying to my ears. I respect him as an intrepid, prolific artist and entrepreneur but......I don't know. Tomahawk? OK. Peeping Tom? Yuck. Lovage? Meh. Fantomas? Barely. Even his Ennio Morricone compilation released on his label Ipecac was about 20 songs too long, but wait! Look! (Inserting foot in mouth) Mike Patton is using his unique and amazing voice to recreate Italian pop and folk songs from the 60's. This project, Mondo Cane, is said to be years in the making. The official release date is set in this first week of May. In honor of this occasion, here is a live show from 2007 in Italia. Natural Born Crooner.


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Postal Dude said...

I've been to Mondo Cane's concert in Wroclaw, Poland and I say it was near perfection. I even stayed at the same hotel as Patton so... I have his autograph on Mondo Cane's CD. Beat it fanboy!