Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Misfits - Legacy of Brutality (1985)

Oh Legacy, you're right there in my childhood memories with first broken bones, first loves, first fucks, first star wars figures for christmas. You definitely deserve a post on this blog to represent the "eL Stinkeyes Collection." Instead of talking about music history, I'll opt for all the comedy The Misfits/Glenn Danzig has provided for me throughout the years.

One time a friend and I brainstormed all night drinking and smoking about replacing the word "dancing" with "Danzig", i.e. "Danzig with the Stars", "Dirty Danzig", "You Should be Danzig", "Danzig on the Ceiling", etc. Another time we tried to come up with a cover band but our schtick would be a gay Misfits, i.e. "Some Kinda Hate Crime", "Mommy, Can I Come Out?", "I turned into Ricky Martin", "Anal Remains", etc. Also, since half the time you can't understand what Danzig says anyway, we replaced all those unintelligible syllables with "yo"s. It works with The Misfits, Samhain, Danzig, and pretty much anything where he's on the mic. After awhile it became the funniest thing ever. Thank you Glenn.


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